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Mr M O'BRIEN (Malvern—Leader of the Opposition) (16:06): I am pleased to inform the house  of the responsibilities and portfolio allocations for the coalition in this house and in the other place.

In this house I am the Leader of the Opposition, the Leader of the Liberal-Nationals coalition, Leader of the Liberal Party and shadow Minister for Small Business.

The member for Murray Plains is Deputy Leader of the Opposition, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Nationals coalition, Leader of The Nationals, shadow minister for regional Victoria and decentralisation, shadow Minister for Agriculture and shadow Minister for Aboriginal Affairs.

The member for Eildon is Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party, shadow Minister for Education, shadow minister for youth affairs and shadow minister for regional cities.

The member for Euroa is Deputy Leader of The Nationals, shadow Minister for Water, shadow minister for public transport (regional) and shadow minister for gaming and liquor regulation.

The member for Forest Hill is shadow Assistant Treasurer, shadow minister for consumer affairs and shadow minister for citizenship and multicultural affairs.

The member for Gembrook is the shadow minister for emergency services, shadow Minister for Youth Justice, shadow Minister for Crime Prevention and shadow Minister for Victim Support.

The member for South-West Coast is shadow minister for rural roads and shadow Minister for Ports and Freight.

The member for Gippsland East is shadow minister for carers and disability, shadow minister for veterans affairs, shadow Minister for Racing and shadow Minister for Fishing and Boating.

The member for Croydon is shadow Minister for Tourism, Sport and Major Events.

The member for Lowan is shadow Minister for Mental Health, shadow Minister for the Prevention of Family Violence and shadow Minister for Women.

The member for Mornington is shadow minister for environment and climate change, and shadow minister for bay protection.

The member for Warrandyte is shadow minister for energy and renewables, and shadow Minister for Resources.

The member for Kew is shadow minister for planning and heritage, shadow Minister for Local Government, shadow Minister for Housing and shadow minister for population.

The member for Caulfield is shadow minister for police, shadow minister for community safety and shadow Minister for Corrections.

The member for Ripon is shadow Treasurer and shadow Minister for Economic Development.

The member for Ferntree Gully is shadow minister for industrial relations and workplace safety, shadow Minister for Child Protection and shadow minister for ageing.

The member for Rowville is shadow Special Minister of State, shadow minister for counterterrorism and Manager of Opposition Business.

The member for Evelyn is secretary to the shadow cabinet.

I also advise that in the other place Mr Davis is the Leader of the Opposition and Leader of the Liberal Party. Mr Davis is also shadow minister for public transport (metropolitan), shadow Minister for Transport Infrastructure, shadow Minister for Equality, shadow minister for federal-state relations, shadow Minister for Priority Precincts and shadow minister for the arts.

Ms Crozier is Deputy Leader of the Opposition and Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party in the other place, shadow Minister for Health and shadow Minister for Ambulance Services.

Mr O’Donohue is shadow Attorney-General.

Mr Rich-Phillips is shadow minister for finance, shadow Minister for Roads (Metropolitan), shadow Minister for Road Safety and the TAC, and shadow minister for aviation. 

Ms Wooldridge is the shadow minister for innovation, jobs and trade, shadow Minister for Training and Skills, and shadow Minister for Higher Education.

I can also inform the house that the member for Benambra is the Liberal Party Whip in the Legislative Assembly, Mr Finn is the Liberal Party whip in the other place and the member for Narracan is secretary of the parliamentary Liberal Party.

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