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Mr M O'BRIEN (Malvern—Leader of the Opposition): Speaker, on behalf of the Liberal-National coalition I congratulate you on your elevation to this important role as Speaker. Obviously it is one that you have served in previously, and we are pleased that the circumstances of your coming to this office this time around are a little bit more felicitous to the entire house.

As Speaker, we entrust you to be our representative for this chamber, to uphold the traditions, the rules and the integrity of this Parliament. The Labor Party has been elected to govern Victoria, and we congratulate the Premier and his party on that. But they have been elected to govern Victoria, not to rule it. That requires a Parliament that must hold the executive accountable. It requires an active opposition to question, to debate and to challenge the government. That is our role and we will perform it. It also requires a Speaker who will ensure that the rules designed to ensure the accountability of the executive to the Parliament are applied without fear or favour. Speaker, that is your role, and we look forward to you discharging it with the professionalism, the skill and the good humour which you have previously displayed. On behalf of the opposition I wish to congratulate you on your election.

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