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The Opposition offered in December a way forward to pass this bill. The Government’s response has been chaotic, last week they threatened an election, this week they are saying they don’t need legislation and now Tim Pallas is saying today he might still put the Bill to the Parliament. It is a chaotic mess that Labor finds itself in, but it doesn’t have to be that way because the Opposition, with industry support, has offered a sensible way forward and we offered that on 9 December last year.
Tim Pallas can operate with an element of buffoonery and one-liners but that will not get a good deal for Victoria.
It is poor policy to make future generations pay for the largesse of the current generation.
The Liberal Nationals have a position which is based on evidence. Daniel Andrews’ position is simply based on short-term greed.B

The big issue is still compensation. Daniel Andrews still wants to have 50 years of private monopoly with up to $2billion of taxpayer funds to guarantee that private monopoly. That is not a good deal for Victoria.
We believe that the best outcome is for taxpayers not to have to pay compensation. What Daniel Andrews wants to do is guarantee the private profits of a 50 year port monopoly with taxpayer funds.
We wrote to [the Government] on 9 December 2015. We said we will pass your bill with these changes and to this date we have still not had a formal response saying ‘yes’ or ‘no to that proposition.
If Labor bypasses the Parliament they will wipe billions of dollars off the value of the port. It will be very bad for Victoria and there is no need for the Government to do that because they have been offered a way forward by the Coalition.
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