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Doorstop - Transcript extracts - East West Link, Metro Rail, Second Container Port



Whichever way you cut it, Labor’s decision to tear up the East West Link contract has just been a shocking waste of public money.

Over $400 million in compensation, at least the same again in sunk costs that will never be recovered and goodness knows how much on Labor’s new $3.1 billion credit card.

This has been a financial scandal.  Labor promised that the contract wasn’t worth the paper it was written on; they were wrong.  They promised that there would not be a dollar of compensation paid; they were wrong.  

Labor has now wasted hundreds of millions of dollars of Victorians’ money all to not build a road and a road that Victorians need.

We’re very concerned that Labor has failed, absolutely failed to be upfront with Victorians about the true cost of ripping up the East West Link contract.  

That’s why I’ll be writing to the Auditor-General, Mr John Doyle, asking him to investigate this matter, get to the bottom of exactly what the cost of Labor ripping up the East West Link will cost Victorian taxpayers.

Metro Rail

The federal government had always said that through asset recycling, asset recycling fund money would be available for use by a state government for any purpose as long as it was about new infrastructure.  That’s always been on the cards.

I think that the major problem is that we still haven’t seen a business case for the Melbourne Metro Rail tunnel.  We still haven’t seen a business case for the Western Distributor.  I understand the state government hasn’t even delivered documents about the Western Distributor to Canberra.

This is a government which is all about talking and press releases, fluoro vests and hard hats; very little about shovels in the ground and very little about building infrastructure.

Second Container Port

Having a monopoly is bad for Victoria.  It’s bad for business, it’s bad for jobs, it’s bad for consumers.

Labor was promoting a second container port before the election.  They were talking about Bay West, rather than Hastings.  Now what we see is that Labor has brought a bill into the parliament providing for a long term private monopoly of Victoria’s only major container port, killing off the prospect for a new container port for the next 70 years.

That looks to us to be a very dangerous proposition.  We’ll be examining this very closely.  But this wasn’t what Labor promised at the last election and they have no mandate for this.
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