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Transcript of doorstop, Port of Melbourne Lease


Michael O’Brien

The bill introduced by Labor to sell off the Port of Melbourne raises really significant concerns for the Opposition. It appears to be involving a 50 year lease which kills off any prospect for a second container port for Melbourne for half a century.

We also have serious concerns about the competence of this Government to deal with public assets. Victorians remember Myki, they remember Desal, they remember Daniel Andrews was the Minister in charge of selling of poker machine licenses and he managed to lose $3 billion in the deal with additional court cases still outstanding.

We will scrutinise this bill very carefully indeed. There are some very concerning signs that the Government has got this wrong and we will use Parliamentary processes to scrutinise what this Government is proposing because we will stand up for the interest of Victorians, not for a quick and botched process that is merely to satisfy Labor’s political interests over Victorians financial interests.

We understand that they’ve announced there will be a 50 year lease for the Port of Melbourne and there will be compensation payable to the lease holder if another container port is developed. So effectively Labor is saying for a quick dollar now, kill off any second container port for this state for the next 50 years. We don’t believe that represent good policy.

[The Minister for Ports] told PAEC that Melbourne would need another Port in the next 30 years. So the Ports Minister gave that evidence to PAEC and as a consequence the Minister for Ports and the Treasurer completely at odds over a growing Melbourne’s need for a second container port.
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