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Minister for Consumer Affairs Michael O’Brien launched two important publications for retirement village residents and operators at the Renaissance Living retirement village in Surrey Hills today.

Mr O’Brien said with an ageing population, more and more Victorians would consider moving into retirement villages.

“It’s vital we ensure that this sector demonstrates best practice across the industry,” Mr O’Brien said.

“The Victorian Coalition Government is committed to promoting better understanding of retirement village residents’ rights, as well as improving the effectiveness of internal dispute resolution processes.

“Both of the documents I am launching today, Retirement Villages – Good practice to address key issues and Retirement Villages – Internal Dispute Resolutions Guidelines for Owners and Managers, are important milestones in delivering these commitments.”

Mr O’Brien said the protocols were developed in close consultation with residents’ groups and industry, and would encourage a strong partnership amongst retirement village stakeholders.

“The protocols encourage a more consistent approach to preventing and dealing with contentious issues across Victoria’s retirement villages,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Additionally, the internal dispute resolution guidelines assist owners and managers to better manage their village scheme, and reflect best practice in preventing and managing complaints and disputes.”

Victoria has approximately 30,000 seniors living in retirement villages and similar accommodation.

As part of an education campaign supporting the implementation of the protocols and the internal dispute resolution guidelines, Consumer Affairs Victoria will be contacting every retirement village throughout the state to distribute guides and offer additional information.

“The Coalition Government remains committed to working with residents and  operators to ensure that both the rights and responsibilities of retirement village living are made clear to all,” Mr O’Brien said.

“By emphasising the importance of consultation, communication and dealing in good faith, this education campaign will foster a more efficient, consistent and clear approach to retirement village issues across the

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