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Red Shirts Rorts – Labor MPs luck in avoiding criminal charges continues

Any Victorian who rorted money from their workplace would expect to be charged with a crime.

Unfortunately, these rules don’t seem to apply to Daniel Andrews’ own Labor MPs.

The decision today by Victoria Police to not charge any Andrews Labor MP for rorting $388,000 of taxpayers’ money continues Labor’s incredible run of luck with the law.  

It also makes a farce of Daniel Andrews’ claim that all Labor MPs would co-operate with the Fraud and Extortion Squad.  

On 28 July 2018 when asked if Labor MPs would co-operate with Victoria Police, Daniel Andrews said that “everybody should co-operate and everybody will.” Victoria Police confirmed today that 16 Labor MPs refused to be interviewed. 

By refusing to be interviewed by Victoria Police, Daniel Andrews has shown that, under Labor, Victoria has a legal system but not a justice system. 

Today’s announcement also continues Labor’s incredible run of luck over recent years with avoiding charges over allegations of illegal activity.

Daniel Andrews and Labor’s run of luck started with the stolen dictaphone scandal in 2014 where a journalist’s dictaphone was stolen then destroyed after its contents were downloaded. Despite Labor admitting they were in possession of the dictaphone which had a label on it identifying the owner, no charges were laid.      

Labor’s luck continued when the media uncovered the rorting of the second home allowance by Labor Speaker Telmo Languiller and Labor Deputy Speaker Don Nardella. Despite official forms apparently being signed to claim these dodgy allowances, once again no charges were laid. 

Victoria Police also decided not to lay charges over Labor’s printing rorts. This rort involves allegations of false invoices for non-existent work charged to the taxpayer and reportedly used to fund Labor branch stacking activity. These taxpayer funds were allegedly funnelled into Labor headquarters that ran the campaign for the re-election of the Andrews Labor Government.

While Victoria Police decided not to lay charges, the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission has since laid charges over this scandal.  

Showing that Labor’s good luck now comes in fours, Victoria Police has not pressed charges against any of the Labor MPs who were found by the Ombudsman to be involved in the Labor Red Shirts rort of $388,000 – despite Labor MPs knowingly signing time sheets for work not performed in their electorates and work not permitted by the Parliament.

Labor was found by the Ombudsman to have rorted hundreds of thousands of dollars from taxpayers and spent over $1 million in taxpayer dollars trying to cover up this scandal.

While Daniel Andrews and his rorting MPs can’t believe their luck, ordinary Victorians will wonder whether a Labor Party membership now comes with a Get Out of Jail Free card.
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