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The release of the Pre-Election Budget Update confirms that Daniel Andrews and Labor have lost control of taxes and spending at a time when Victoria’s property market is in decline. 

Treasury has  forecast a slump in stamp duty revenue of $2.4 billion over the next four years. 

Despite this,  thanks to Daniel Andrews’ nine new taxes and three increased taxes, Victorians are paying more than ever.  

When a  government loses control of taxes and spending it hurts every household and business. It puts more pressure on the costs of living and it makes it harder for businesses to survive and employ more Victorians. 

Today’s release confirms that Victoria is the highest taxed state in the country under Daniel Andrews and Labor with taxes rising by 35% in just the last four years.

The Andrews Labor Government’s record on taxes speaks for itself. 

Before the last election, on an interview with Channel 7, Daniel Andrews promised he wouldn’t increase or introduce new taxes.   

While Daniel Andrews has been taxing, he’s also been borrowing.   

Victoria’s debt will more than double over the five years to 2021-22. This is an extra $16 billion on the state’s credit card that Victorians will have to pay back. 

At a time when most Victorians wages are stagnant, Daniel Andrews has been splashing the cash on fat cat bureaucrats with recent numbers blowing out by 23.4% in just one year.  

It’s no wonder Victoria’s Auditor General warned about Labor’s bureaucratic blowout noting “this could place pressure on the state’s operating position.”

At this  election Victorians will have a choice of Daniel Andrews and more new taxes or a Liberal Nationals Government that will cut tax.

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