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Fat cats’ friend: Daniel Andrews bloats public service executive numbers

Despite promising to slash the number of public service executives, Daniel Andrews has presided over a massive blow out in the number of fat cat bureaucrats.

Victorian Public Sector Commission data shows that Victorian Public Service executive numbers jumped by a staggering 23.4% over the past year with 162 new executives added to the payroll.

Highly paid executives now make up a larger proportion of the public service than at any time in recent history, with 2 per cent of public servants now classified as executives.

The average Victorian public sector executive now enjoys a remuneration package of $213,705; an increase of 5.1 per cent over the year. This means that Daniel Andrews’ 162 new bureaucrats are costing taxpayers $94,850 a day.

This explosion in the cost of VPS executives is at odds with Labor’s pre-election promise to cut costs.

Daniel Andrews made an election commitment to reduce public service executive numbers and save taxpayers $40 million over four years. Instead, the Labor Premier has bloated executive numbers and boosted their pay.

Over the past 3 years the public sector executive wage bill has jumped by $105 million more than Daniel Andrews promised.

Quotes attributable to Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien:

“While Daniel Andrews has put up taxes 12 times and hiked power prices, his fat cat bureaucrats are laughing.

“Daniel Andrews promised Victorians he would save money by cutting executive numbers. Instead, he has hired 162 more highly paid bureaucrats in just one year.

“While Victorians face a crime wave, congestion and spiralling costs of living, Daniel Andrews is looking after his fat cat mates.

“Taxpayers are more than $100 million worse off due to Daniel Andrews’ broken promise. It shows that Labor cannot manage money.

“Daniel Andrews is out of touch with the concerns of Victorians. This bureaucratic blow out shows that Labor isn’t listening”.

In Labor’s costing document for the 2014 election, Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas promised to reduce the number of executives in the Victorian Public Sector and save $39.90 million over 4 years.

Instead, the opposite has happened.

Based on average remuneration data, the annual VPS executive pay bill has increased from $122,771,485 in June 2014 (last figures before the election) to a staggering $182,229,036 in June 2017. Executive pay was supposed to have fallen by $19.1 million over those three years (total of $349,214,455) – instead it has totalled $454,677,781; an increase of $105,463,326.

Since June 2014, the number of VPS executives has increased from 646 to 853 in June 2017. This is an increase of 207 or 32%. In just the last 12 months, the number of executives has increased from 691 to 853. This is an increase of 162 or 23.4%.

At an average remuneration of $213,705 for executives in June 2017, the increase represents additional costs of $34,620,210 in just the past 12 months or $94,850 every day.

Total remuneration costs for the 853 executives equates to $182,229,036 or $499,425.66 each day of the year.


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