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In a government report snuck out this afternoon it has become clear that Daniel Andrews’ decision to tear up the East West Link contract has exposed his government as wasteful, deceitful and incompetent. The Treasury Corporation of Victoria 20... Read more

E&OE Today’s unemployment figures are very disappointing for Victoria. Another 3,000 people have joined the dole queue in the last month. Daniel Andrews promised to create 100,000 full-time jobs over two years. Ten months in, Dan... Read more

Today, the Auditor General has blown the whistle on the Andrews Labor Government’s attempt to cook the books by hiding their budget deficit.  It has taken Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas less than a year to blow the budget and put Victoria... Read more

E&OE Myki Labor simply can’t be trusted when it comes to myki. Labor has got a history of getting it wrong when it comes to this ticketing system. Back in 2007, Labor promised that you could use your myki card to buy a coffee, to buy ... Read more

The Victorian Government’s sale of the Port of Melbourne has now turned into a dog’s breakfast. Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas have back-flipped on their regulatory regime but they still have not met the concerns of the ACCC. The ACCC ... Read more

Facts:   Before the election, Daniel Andrews promised 100,000 full-time jobs within two years. "The Back To Work Act – will support the creation of 100,000 full time jobs and will be introduced during the first sitting week of the ... Read more

Facts:   Before the election, Tim Pallas promised that an Andrews Government would not increase debt. 28 November 2014: “Labor has promised to retain Victoria's AAA credit rating, to allocate $3.8bn on capital spending and to d... Read more

Background According to leaked documents obtained by The Australian, Victorian taxpayers will pay another $30 million as a result of the scrapping of the East West Link project. The costs are reported to be associated with the winding up of the L... Read more

Labor’s admission that its 24 hour public transport trial is massively over budget also puts public safety at risk. Despite Daniel Andrews’ pre-election claim that the $50 million budget Labor allocated was “very, very conservativ... Read more

WHERE will you be in 2085? In retirement? A nursing home? Maybe — like me — you’ll be pushing up the daisies. If a week is a long time in politics, 70 years is a lifetime. Yet the Andrews Labor Government wants to make a dec... Read more

From today, Victorian households and businesses face a massive hike in their fire services property levy (FSPL); another broken Labor promise on tax. Despite a pre-election pledge to hold all tax increases to CPI, the Andrews Labor Government is ... Read more

Daniel Andrews has hit every Victorian property with another tax hike through the fire services levy just to pay for the outrageous demands of his union mates. Under the Coalition, Victoria's fire services received record funding. But under Dan... Read more

This is a phoney surplus from a phoney Treasurer.  Buried away in Budget Paper 5 on page 21 is the revelation that the full Commonwealth funding for the East West Link is being used to prop up Labor’s Budget and to disguise the fact Lab... Read more

Attributed to Michael O’Brien MP: “This Budget demonstrates yet again that Labor cannot manage money and cannot manage major projects. This budget has no detailed economic plan to create the jobs of the future for Victoria. &n... Read more

Why would motorists pay a toll to take Daniel Andrews’ Western Distributor toll road when they can take the West Gate Bridge for free? Daniel Andrews is fond of talking about business cases and mandates.  For this project he has nei... Read more

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