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Despite her own Cabinet colleague describing it as a debacle, Attorney General Jill Hennessy had to be dragged kicking and screaming to apologise for Labor’s bungled implementation of Fines Victoria. Yesterday in Parliament, Local Government M... Read more

1,000 extra drug tests every week Increasing penalties for drug driving in line with drink driving Focus speed camera site selection on reducing road trauma, not raising revenue We cannot and must not accept the high number of Victorians... Read more

While Albanese is sacking John Setka, Daniel Andrews is backing John Setka. Daniel Andrews has been pleaded with to stand up and call out John Setka’s comments and his behaviour. He's refused to do it.  Shockingly, Daniel Andrews still k... Read more

After four years of relentless attacks against the CFA’s tens of thousands of volunteers, Daniel Andrews has rammed legislation that rips apart the CFA through the Lower House of Parliament, putting the lives and safety of Victorians at risk. ... Read more

Labor Treasurer Tim Pallas has been exposed as a hypocrite, telling taxpayers to “get a life” while taxpayers fund his chauffeur-driven luxury Lexus limo. Today in Question Time it was revealed that Tim Pallas received an exemption from ... Read more

In Parliament today Daniel Andrews was all excuses over his broken election promise to use 92% local steel for the West Gate Tunnel project. Before the election Labor’s ads featured Daniel Andrews stating “I say what I do, and I do what ... Read more

In a Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing today, Daniel Andrews disagreed that the North East Link would put around 100 000 more cars onto the Eastern Freeway, despite his Government’s own EES stating that it will. Appearing before ... Read more

If there was any doubt that the Andrews Labor Government is arrogant and out of touch it was put to rest when Tim Pallas declared that anyone concerned about being hit with his new tax when purchasing a family car should ‘get a life.’ Th... Read more

In Question Time today, Treasurer Tim Pallas was under fire for misleading Parliament yesterday when he claimed of his raiding of funds from the TAC:  “We put this plan to the Victorian people.” Labor’s election costings d... Read more

Daniel Andrews’ decision to ram-raid the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to prop up his unsustainable budget has real world consequences. Budget papers reveal that, at a time when the road toll is at a 14 year high, Daniel Andrews is rippi... Read more

Before the State election, Daniel Andrews promised no new taxes.  Now, having hid Labor’s State budget until after the Federal election, the scale of his tax fraud starts to emerge. Reports today of $800 million in new taxes in next week... Read more

If Daniel Andrews knocks back the Morrison Government’s offer to pay for the East West Link at no cost to the Victorian Government, it will be only because partisan politics trumps public interest. The re-elected Morrison Coalition Government ... Read more

My warm congratulations to re-elected Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his Liberal Nationals team on their stunning election win. Sco-Momentum is real. The policy commitments of the re-elected Morrison Coalition Government will make a real differe... Read more

Premier Daniel Andrews has failed to provide adequate support to drought-affected farmers and communities in Euroa.  Drought conditions are forcing farmers to spend thousands of dollars per week to feed their stock, and yet Daniel And... Read more

I offer my heartfelt congratulations to Louise Staley, the Member for Ripon and Shadow Treasurer, as the Labor Party concedes it will drop its futile challenge to the result declared by the Victorian Electoral Commission in the seat of Ripon. Louis... Read more

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