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Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Roads and Ports. For almost a year now the minister and VicRoads have been contemplating calls for road safety measures to be introduced around the Malvern East terminus s... Read more

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- Ah, better the thud of the deadly gun, and the crash of the bursting shell, Than the terrible silence where drought is fought out there in the western hell; And better the rattle of rifles near, or the thunder on deck ... Read more

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- Having the honour to represent the electorate of Malvern in this place I am particularly pleased to speak on this condolence motion for the most distinguished of my predecessors. Lindsay Thompson represented the people of ... Read more

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- I wish to raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Roads and Ports. The action I seek is for the minister to develop and fund a program for implementing grade separation on five railway crossings that are causing t... Read more

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- Another year, another budget, and again this Brumby Labor government has turned its back on the students of state schools in the Malvern electorate. I have five state schools in my Malvern electorate which are stretched to cap... Read more

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