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Victorian families are paying for this budget with higher costs of living.

For all of Daniel Andrews’ spin about his own budget there’s only one question that really matters. Are Victorians financially better off now than they were four
years ago? 

Victorian households are worse off than they were four years ago and there is nothing in this budget to give Victorians hope for the next four years. 

Average household electricity bills are up by over $300 a year, road tolls are up, public transport fares are up, housing costs are up and taxes are up.

Daniel Andrews had a chance in this budget to deliver real relief to struggling Victorian
households but instead he’s delivered more of the same with no hope that working harder will get you ahead. There’s no reward for effort for Victorians in this budget.

It’s never been tougher for Victorians to manage their household finances and this budget is going to make it even tougher.

Before the last election, Daniel Andrews promised “no new taxes” but after the election he introduced or increased 12 taxes. You can’t trust Daniel Andrews’ word and you can’t trust his ability to manage the economy.

Daniel Andrews recites lines from focus groups about “making things fair.” But there’s
nothing fair about a budget that is built on 12 new Labor taxes that stretches household finances and puts the brakes on jobs growth.    

Fairness isn’t measured by what you repeat from a focus group script, it’s shown through your actions. 

There’s nothing fair about a budget that makes middle-class and working-class
Victorians pay more, while looking after Daniel Andrews’ union mates. 

This budget cements Daniel Andrews as the highest taxing Premier in Victorian history, his 12 new or increased taxes have seen Victorians’ tax bills increase by 35% since
he was elected. Despite this he is still choosing to double debt in just five years.

While most Victorian workers are struggling to see any personal wage growth, in just 12 months Daniel Andrews has increased the number of ‘fat cat’ bureaucrats by 24%
and increased public sector wages by 38% in just four years. That blowout of more than $7 billion is being funded through higher taxes.

This budget also attempts to disguise another $25 billion in infrastructure blowouts
through mismanagement and waste. The important Level Crossing Removal program
has now blown out by around $3 billion, Metro Tunnel has blown out by over $2 billion with barely a shovel in the ground, and the North East Link has already blown out by $11.5 billion without any construction money in the budget. 

This $25 billion in budget blowouts could have built the equivalent of 25 new Royal
Children’s Hospitals or build more than 1,500 new police stations.  

Victorians work hard and make sacrifices to live within their own household budgets but all they see is Daniel Andrews squandering their taxes through budget blowouts
and waste. 

We believe good economic management is not just about having good spreadsheets - it’s about improving people’s lives, with better jobs which means more money for the
household budget.

In November, Victorians will have a choice between more of the same from Daniel Andrews or hope, opportunity and reward for effort under a Liberal Nationals Government.

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