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Replacement of existing noise wall on Dandenong Road at Malvern

Replacement of existing noise wall on Dandenong Road at Malvern
Replacement of an existing noise wall is welcome news for residents along Princes Highway (Dandenong Road) at Malvern.

Once complete the 3.5 metre high wall will run along a one-kilometre section of the road between Station Street and Tooronga Road at a cost of $2.75 million.

Victorian Treasurer and Member for Malvern, Michael O'Brien, said the project will be a great boost for local residents as it will minimise the effects of road noise resulting from the 62,000 vehicles that use that section of the road each and every day.

"The existing 2.3 metre noise wall was constructed more than thirty years ago an fails to deliver the noise protection required. I raised this issue five times in Parliament under the former Labor government but it has taken a Coalition Government to deliver this vital upgrade," Mr O'Brien said.

"Noise measurements taken inside local homes exceed 68 decibels - the equivalent of living on a freeway. This new noise wall will fix this problem and deliver a major improvement to the quality of life of many local families," he said.

"I wish to congratulate local residents Georgie Millen and Tony De Lutis who have done great work in making the case for these upgrades on behalf of the local community. It has been a pleasure to work with them to deliver this great outcome".

Mr O'Brien said the new noise wall will be 3.5 metres high, consisting of 2.5 metres of timber panel with 1 metre of transparent panel at the top. The transparent panel is to avoid possible overshadowing effects.

"We know that traffic noise is the cause of significant frustration among the community, and we are doing what we can to reduce that," Mr O'Brien said.

Mr O'Brien said recent noise testing undertaken at properties behind the existing noise wall indicated that noise levels exceed acceptable levels, qualifying the site for the treatment.

"When taking into account environmental factors, the noise-testing results and feedback from the community it was decided that upgrading the existing noise wall was the best option to give the community a positive result in terms of reducing noise levels.

As part of the project, landscaping treatments will be carried out in the road reserve abutting Dandenong Road.

The contract to build the noise walls has been advertised this week. Design work has commenced with construction work due to start on site in March 2015.
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