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Improved pedestrian facilities on Tooronga Road at Malvern

Improved pedestrian facilities on Tooronga Road at Malvern

Crossing Tooronga Road at Malvern will soon be safer following today’s announcement of upgraded pedestrian crossing, Member for Malvern Michael O’Brien announced today.

The Victorian Coalition Government has allocated an additional $1.11 million to replace the existing flashing zebra crossing at the Tooronga Road intersection with pedestrian operated lights.

“The safety of this crossing has been raised with me by a number of local residents,” Mr O’Brien said.

“Pedestrian operated lights will be now installed to allow people of all ages to cross Tooronga Road, at their own pace, in a much safer environment..

“Given the proximity of the crossing to the Tooronga Railway Station, there is a significant amount of local pedestrian traffic through this area, and we need to ensure that they can  cross the road safely,” Mr O’Brien said.

Work on the project will also include linking the pedestrian lights with the railway level crossing, the installation of road traffic detectors to manage traffic flow through the intersection and other measures to assist in clearing traffic from the railway track.

Mr O’Brien said the project builds on work recently completed by VicTrack to improve pedestrian safety at Tooronga Station including the installation of automatic safety gates, emergency exit buttons, secure fencing and safety signage.

“The rail crossing works have already been completed and  are an additional safety upgrade to the pedestrian crossing works ”, Mr O’Brien said.

“Both of these projects are fantastic for the local community and will significantly improve community safety.

“I urge all road users travelling in the area, whether in a vehicle or on foot, to take note of the changed conditions once the signals are installed, and monitor the conditions around them.

“We know that simple measures such as installing a pedestrian crossing can go a long way towards ensuring that everyone, drivers and pedestrians alike, are safe on Victorian roads,” Mr O’Brien said.

Improved pedestrian facilities around Tooronga Road are being delivered in two stages:

·        The first stage works on the pedestrian rail crossing were completed  in August 2014

·        The second stage works on the Tooronga Road pedestrian crossing will commence in 2015.

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