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STONNINGTON'S worst level crossing has some competition.

Malvern resident Robin Holten says the crossing at Tooronga station near his Parslow St home is as bad if not worse than the Gardiner station level crossing.

The Gardiner station level crossing was rated Melbourne's fifth-worst redspot by respondents in the 2008 RACV-Leader Community Newspapers Redspot Survey.

But Mr Holten said the Tooronga crossing was likely to garner more votes for being the worst in the 2010 survey, which was now under way.

He said the increasing number of residents in Toorak Village and many traffic lights within a couple of hundred metres of the Tooronga station crossing added to congestion around the crossing.

``You can sit there for three minutes while you wait for the train to come down from Gardiner,'' Mr Holten said.

He said that during peak times more cars were trying to escape the congestion by using suburban side streets as thoroughfares.

Malvern state Liberal MP Michael O'Brien said the stretch between Glen Iris and Kooyong stations, which has four level crossings in a row, was a major source of frustration for residents.

``Removing the level crossings by lowering the tracks is the best way to fix these problems,'' Mr O'Brien said.

Frustrated road-users are being urged to nominate congested areas through the Leader/RACV Redspot Survey on Page 15 of this newspaper or at before it closes on July 9.

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