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Rewards for Armadale Primary School as they ‘walk the walk’

Rewards for Armadale Primary School as they ‘walk the walk’

Today Michael O’Brien MP, along with Bicycle Network, rewarded Armadale Primary School with the installation of 11 new bike parking rails and bike education training for two teachers as part of the Ride2School Barrier Buster program.

Michael O’Brien applauded the students and teachers of Armadale Primary on their success.

“Congratulations to the students at Armadale Primary School. I am delighted to recognise their efforts in partaking in and promoting active travel and their drive in developing themselves for the future,” Mr O’Brien said.

The program is a joint initiative between the Victorian Government and Bicycle Network’s Ride2School Program, aimed at encouraging more students to be physically active by riding, walking, skating or scooting to school each day.

“Studies show that kids who are involved in sport and recreation at a young age are more likely to continue physical activity will into their adult years.

“I am confident the addition of secure bike parking and training for teachers to start an ongoing Bike Education skills course at school will help the Armadale Primary community build new skills and healthy active habits for the future.”

Malcolm Dow, Armadale Primary Assistant Principal welcomes the reward and commends the staff and students involved in the Ride2School program.

“We are proud to be an active travel school and will make the most of the bike parking and bike education training. We appreciate receiving recognition for our efforts and on behalf of the school I would like to thank the Victorian Government and Bicycle Network’s Ride2School Program for our reward.” Mr Dow said.

The new bike parking rails will increase secure capacity for Armadale Primary students to lock their bikes at school and the bike education training will enable teachers to embed active travel into their school curriculum, through improving riding skills.

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