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Village speed worry

Source: Stonnington Leader

TRADERS want a 40km/h speed limit in the East Malvern Terminus Village to stop cars ``tearing through''.

Malvern state Liberal MP Michael O'Brien agrees the Waverley Rd shopping strip, where the 3/3a tram route ends, should have speed restrictions during business hours.

``We have three schools within a 1km radius, a senior citizens' centre and a nursing home,'' said Mr O'Brien, whose office is in the village.

His traders' survey last year found 91 per cent wanted a reduced speed limit, which he requested, and a pedestrian crossing, from VicRoads and the State Government.

Village butcher Chris Lockie said: ``The cars do come tearing through . . . There isn't much room for error.''

But VicRoads says the road does not meet guidelines for a 40km/h limit because of the number of homes on each side.

VicRoads metropolitan southeast regional director Duncan Elliott said the guidelines required continuous, mainly retail and commercial development over at least 400m on both sides of the road.

Mr Elliott said the Waverley Rd strip had about 500m of homes on both sides between Douglas St and Darling Rd.

``In response to concerns raised by Mr O'Brien . . . VicRoads installed fluorescent yellow/green pedestrian warning signs on both approaches to the strip (last month),'' he said.

Mr O'Brien said the advisory signs were not enough. ``Fortunately there haven't been any major accidents so far, but it is only a matter of time,'' he said.

Stonnington acting chief executive Geoff Cockram said the council ``had not formed an opinion'' on the proposal.

Mr Cockram said the council had asked VicRoads to consider new zones in High St, Armadale, between Denbigh and Dalny roads, and in Wattletree Rd, between the railway line and Thanet St.

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