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GLEN Iris residents have an extra bounce in their step since saving the York Rd footbridge.

Their grassroots campaign has secured a guarantee from VicRoads that the bridge will be replaced once the Monash Freeway is widened. York Rd footbridge connects Glenburn Bend Park and the popular Gardiners Creek Trail with the other side of the freeway.

Peter Boekel, of Glen Iris, said residents reacted strongly to suggestions the bridge would be permanently demolished.

The Monash Alliance, the construction consortium responsible for the project, proposed alternatives to rebuilding the bridge, including new or upgraded paths and a children's playground.

``Everyone is saying what a good outcome it is. We've saved an asset for the community,'' Mr Boekel said.

More than 160 residents signed a petition, while others phoned VicRoads and wrote letters to the Roads Minister, Tim Pallas, he said.

Malvern state Liberal MP Michael O'Brien, who tabled the petition in parliament, said the ``organised and vocal'' residents had saved the bridge.

Project director John Cunningham said a clear message had been sent to VicRoads, ``and I am pleased to say that the bridge will be rebuilt''.

Works to dismantle the bridge will start this month.

Construction of the new bridge will start after the freeway widening project is completed.

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