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Applications open for $50 million Living Victoria Fund

Michael O’Brien MP, Member for Malvern, is encouraging organisations across the community with innovative water cycle management projects to make an application during the Registrations of Interest period for the Living Victoria Fund.

“The Victorian Government has committed $50 million to drive change and deliver better water services, improve local environments and increase the liveability of Victoria’s cities and towns as outlined in the Living Victoria policy,” said Mr O’Brien.

“The Living Victoria is a great opportunity for local councils, businesses, sporting groups, community organisations and schools in Malvern to make a real impact on the liveability of their community through innovative projects,”

“The Fund will also relieve pressure on drinking water supplies now and in the future. It will help promote exemplar projects and provide great examples for others to follow nationally and internationally.”

The Living Victoria Fund will be managed by The Office of Living Victoria (OLV).

OLV seeks Registrations of Interest for support to develop and deliver Integrated Water Cycle Management projects. The Registrations of Interest process will allow OLV to understand the breadth of needs for, and capacity to deliver, innovative approaches to Integrated Water Cycle Management to inform decision on funding allocations.

For more information on the Living Victoria Fund, contact OLV on 03 9098 5871 or visit
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