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On-site inspection at Tooronga Road pedestrian crossing

On-site inspection at Tooronga Road pedestrian crossing

Member for Malvern, Michael O’Brien has met with representatives of VicRoads and Stonnington Council for an on-site inspection of the pedestrian crossing located on Tooronga Road, near Tooronga Railway Station.

Calls for a safer pedestrian operated crossing have stemmed from a large number of concerns being raised by local residents who are worried about the safety of pedestrians using the current crossing.

“The current crossing on Tooronga Road raises real safety issues for pedestrians. Cars can be seen driving through the crossing without slowing down, showing little awareness of the crossing,” said Michael.

“Feedback received in my office, including from my 2012 issues survey, indicates that pedestrian safety at Tooronga Road is a major concern of local residents in the vicinity of the crossing.”

Michael O’Brien organised the on-site inspection so that VicRoads and Stonnington Council could examine the concerns of residents first hand.

“VicRoads and Stonnington Council have acknowledged the safety issues posed by the crossing.  I am pleased they have agreed to work together on developing design options to improve safety for pedestrians,” Michael said.

“I will continue to press a resolution of this issue with the relevant agencies.  In the meantime, I urge pedestrians and motorists to stay vigilant and pay attention when approaching railway and pedestrian crossings, especially near the Tooronga Road level crossing.”

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