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Victoria’s jobs crisis is continuing with latest ABS jobs figures showing Victoria leads the nation in unemployment for the second consecutive month. Victoria’s unemployment rate of 6 per cent is the highest of all the states and highe... Read more

Mr M. O'BRIEN — Death is an inevitable part of life. As Shakespeare observed in King John, 'We cannot hold mortality's strong hand'. But for all that, death is the part of life that many fear the most. While its ul... Read more

Today’s report on congestion by the Grattan Institute again demonstrates the enormous cost of Daniel Andrews’ decision to rip up the East West Link. Stuck in traffic? Road congestion in Sydney and Melbourne finds that Melbourne’s... Read more

Today’s ABS figures confirm that Victoria has the highest unemployment rate of any state in Australia at 6.1%.    Official figures also confirm that Victoria’s unemployment rate has been higher than the national average ... Read more

Since being elected Daniel Andrews has created eleven new taxes which simply drive up the cost of living for Victorians. The eleven new taxes include a new tax on owners of property in Melbourne based on nights stayed.  Country people at r... Read more

Just like his attempt to couple a cancer compensation bill with legislation to break-up the CFA, Daniel Andrews is coupling legislation to cut payroll tax with a bill to introduce some of his eleven new taxes.   Yet again, D... Read more

Today’s Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing heard admissions from Treasurer Tim Pallas that Labor’s infrastructure projects have again blown out in costs to Victorians. The level crossing removal program was promised by Lab... Read more

In PAEC today, Treasurer Tim Pallas attempted to spin his eleven new taxes as "changed choices". On the eve of the last election, Daniel Andrews told Channel 7's Peter Mitchell that he promised Victorians there would be no new taxes and he wouldn't... Read more

Daniel Andrews is taxing Victorians more but giving Victorians less.  In just over two years, Daniel Andrews has increased taxes by nearly $4 billion.  This is an increase in taxation revenue of over 22%. But despite Daniel Andrews&rs... Read more

Daniel Andrews boasts about a budget surplus while making Victoria the highest taxed state in the nation. This Premier just doesn’t get it. He is making life harder for Victorian families who already struggle to make ends meet. Tomorrow&r... Read more

Victoria has now slipped behind the ACT, as well as NSW, in the latest CommSec State of the States report. Contributing to the decline, the report noted that Victoria's business investment (through new plant and equipment) had fallen compared ... Read more

The Liberal Nationals have written to the Commissioner for State Revenue, Mr Paul Broderick PSM, requesting an investigation into whether rorting Labor MP Don Nardella has correctly paid his taxes. The request is based off information from the PWC... Read more

Labor’s changes to the first home owners grant will benefit property developers, not first home buyers. Increasing the grant by $10,000 in regional Victoria will only tend to push up prices, seeing higher profits for developers. The Produ... Read more

Local Labor Member and Treasurer Tim Pallas today admitted in Parliament that late last year Werribee South was not even in the top 16 preferred locations for a new SuperMax youth jail. Yet somehow, by January, Werribee South had become the Andrew... Read more

Background In a desperate bid to prop up the failed Back to Work scheme, the Andrews Government threw $62,700 of taxpayer money on propaganda. Reports today of new information from a Public Accounts and Estimates Committee hearing show that Lab... Read more

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