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An elected Liberal Nationals government will deliver Malvern Central School a $705,000 funding boost for important maintenance works, Member for Malvern and Shadow Treasurer Michael O’Brien said today. The school, located in Spring R... Read more

For the second time today, Labor’s bumbling Treasurer Tim Pallas has directly contradicted his leader. Following his contradiction of Daniel Andrews’ promise of no new or increased taxes, the Treasurer has again under... Read more

Labor Treasurer Tim Pallas has confirmed what Victorians already knew: that there will be even more new taxes if Daniel Andrews is re-elected tomorrow. Speaking with Neil Mitchell on 3AW this morning, Tim Pallas was refreshingly hones... Read more

Labor’s doubling of debt is a ticking time bomb for all Victorians. This is a wild and reckless spending spree that will place Victorian families under severe financial pressure.  Victorians already doing it tough wit... Read more

A Liberal Nationals Government will extend the stamp duty concession for pensioners purchasing a home that could save them as much as $5,200. This $100 million tax cut will make it cheaper for pensioners to downsize their family ... Read more

A Liberal Nationals Government will offer a medium-term lease of the sewerage treatment business of Melbourne Water (including two treatment plants and associated infrastructure) to fund vital infrastructure such as High Speed Rail and... Read more

A Liberal Nationals Government will get back in control of Victoria’s finances. This economic plan will cut taxes, cut the cost of living and build the road and rail infrastructure that Victoria needs.  Our costings d... Read more

On Channel 9 News this afternoon, Jacinta Allan has confirmed that Labor will introduce even more new taxes– but will refuse to tell Victorians how much extra they will have to pay until after the election. Ever since Danie... Read more

Tim Pallas has come out of hiding five days before the election to again confirm that there will be new taxes under Labor. In today’s Australian Financial Review, the Treasurer has confirmed that businesses will be forced to pay new taxes to... Read more

Tim Pallas might be in witness protection, but he has again confirmed that Labor will introduce new taxes to pay for their unfunded $56 billion infrastructure promises. In a costing request for their unfunded Suburban Rail Loop submitted to the D... Read more

The Liberal Nationals will change government contracting to ensure that regional businesses get a fair go in bidding for regional projects. This will mean local jobs for local projects. The Liberal Nationals will change government procurement poli... Read more

With record numbers of Victorians voting early, it is high time Daniel Andrews and Tim Pallas come clean on their plans for new taxes to pay for their $56 billion in unfunded infrastructure promises.  Tim Pallas must front up for a tax debat... Read more

Hiding from scrutiny and accountability is in Daniel Andrews and Labor’s DNA.  For over two months Daniel Andrews has refused to agree to a Leaders Debate on ABC TV.  Labor has now cancelled two debates at the last minute betwe... Read more

After Planning Minister Richard Wynne exposed Labor’s plans to introduce a $3,000 tax on every new apartment, Labor government modelling shows plans for a new property tax on business to pay for his unfunded $56 billion in infrastructure promi... Read more

Daniel Andrews must explain to Victorians the tax increases he will impose on motorists to pay for his $56 billion in unfunded infrastructure promises. When Daniel Andrews announced his unfunded Suburban Rail Loop, he said that “value captur... Read more

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