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Background According to leaked documents obtained by The Australian, Victorian taxpayers will pay another $30 million as a result of the scrapping of the East West Link project. The costs are reported to be associated with the winding up of the L... Read more

My question to the Minister for Public Transport relates to the removal of the level crossing at Burke Road, Glen Iris, a project which was fully funded by the former coalition government and which was out to tender at the time of the election. Upon ... Read more

Labor’s admission that its 24 hour public transport trial is massively over budget also puts public safety at risk. Despite Daniel Andrews’ pre-election claim that the $50 million budget Labor allocated was “very, very conservativ... Read more

My question to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety concerns the relocation of the tram terminus on Toorak Road, Toorak. There is unanimous community opinion that the status quo cannot remain or lives will be lost. The proximity of the terminus to ... Read more

WHERE will you be in 2085? In retirement? A nursing home? Maybe — like me — you’ll be pushing up the daisies. If a week is a long time in politics, 70 years is a lifetime. Yet the Andrews Labor Government wants to make a dec... Read more

From today, Victorian households and businesses face a massive hike in their fire services property levy (FSPL); another broken Labor promise on tax. Despite a pre-election pledge to hold all tax increases to CPI, the Andrews Labor Government is ... Read more

The Irish poet William Butler Yeats implored that one should think like a wise man but communicate in the language of the people. This epitomised Adrian Stubbs, a past mayor and serving councillor of the City of Stonnington, who sadly passed away las... Read more

E&OE EWL Whichever way you cut it, Labor’s decision to tear up the East West Link contract has just been a shocking waste of public money. Over $400 million in compensation, at least the same again in sunk costs that will ... Read more

Chadstone Lacrosse Club in Malvern is one of hundreds of sports and active recreation clubs across Victoria to benefit from the latest round of VicHealth’s 2014-15 Active Club Grants program.  Mr O’Brien said the Chadstone Lac... Read more

Daniel Andrews has hit every Victorian property with another tax hike through the fire services levy just to pay for the outrageous demands of his union mates. Under the Coalition, Victoria's fire services received record funding. But under Dan... Read more

This Saturday, the Save A Dog Scheme (SADS) celebrates its 30th anniversary — 30 years of leadership in animal welfare and caring for animals; 30 years of a pioneering 'no kill' policy that has saved countless thousands of lives.... Read more

E&OE Michael O’Brien The bill introduced by Labor to sell off the Port of Melbourne raises really significant concerns for the Opposition. It appears to be involving a 50 year lease which kills off any prospect for a second conta... Read more

Mr M. O'BRIEN (Malvern) — I rise to speak on the Orwellian-named Delivering Victorian Infrastructure (Port of Melbourne Lease Transaction) Bill 2015, a bill that seeks to allow this Labor government to break its election com... Read more

It is a pleasure to rise to speak on the State Taxation Acts Amendment Bill 2015. I have to say at the outset that this is a very shoddy effort from this government. The first point to make is that this government was elected after having campaigned... Read more

This is a phoney surplus from a phoney Treasurer.  Buried away in Budget Paper 5 on page 21 is the revelation that the full Commonwealth funding for the East West Link is being used to prop up Labor’s Budget and to disguise the fact Lab... Read more

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