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Questions Premier Daniel Andrews must answer about the “dumplings with the developer” scandal

  1. How many times has Premier Daniel Andrews met with developer John Woodman and at whose suggestion?
  2. Who chose the venue for each meeting? 
  3. Who organised the guest list?
  4. Was departmental advice provided to Premier Daniel Andrews on any attendees?
  5. If so, will this be released?
  6. Who were the other attendees?
  7. Who paid for the food and wine?
  8. What was discussed at the lunches/dinners?
  9. Was any potential rezoning of land discussed?
  10. What commitments did John Woodman seek from the Premier? What was the Premier’s response?
  11. Did Premier Daniel Andrews discuss the $169 million duplication of Hall Road in Cranbourne West which was later announced as a Labor election commitment?
  12. Were John Woodman’s (or his associates’) donations to the Australian Labor Party discussed?
  13. Were departmental staff present and were notes taken? If so, will these notes be released?
  14. Will Premier Daniel Andrews commit to refusing the tainted Casey Planning Scheme Amendment C219?
  15. Will Premier Daniel Andrews release all correspondence between himself and Mr Woodman to IBAC, and will he also make this correspondence public?
  16. When did Daniel Andrews become aware that John Woodman acted for Antonio Madafferi? 
  17. Was land owned by Mr Madafferi discussed in any way? 
  18. Was potential rezoning that may affect Mr Madafferi’s land discussed in any way?
  19. Why did the Premier not disclose these meetings publicly when this scandal broke?
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