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Statement on Red Shirt Rorts

It is a disgrace that Labor MPs can take $388,000 of money from the public purse for their own political purposes, and no one will be held accountable for it.

Daniel Andrews and his Labor MPs covered up this theft of taxpayer money and refused to co-operate with police during its investigation.

In her report the Ombudsman said that Labor was wrong to spend $388,000 of taxpayer money on election campaigning, while the costs associated with Labor’s legal fights to stop the truth being revealed topped $1.3 million.

The decision to not charge anyone over this theft raises serious questions about the operation of Victoria's justice system. 

Victoria Police and the Office of Public Prosecutions must release all legal advice relating to this decision and fully explain exactly why no charges have been laid.

Daniel Andrews has now set the standard for acceptable behaviour in Victoria.

In Daniel Andrews’ Victoria it seems you can rort money from hardworking taxpayers, refuse to cooperate with police and get away with it.

No wonder many Victorians think that Labor Party membership comes with a Get Out Of Jail Free card.

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