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Labor refuses to act on ticking time bombs across Melbourne

Labor’s embattled Environment Minister, Lily D’Ambrosio, confirmed in Question Time today that not one cent of Government funding will go towards removing the massive stockpiles of recycling sitting in warehouses across Melbourne.

There is over 60,000 tonnes of recycling, dumped in more than 5 warehouses across Melbourne. 

That is 18 MCGs worth of recycling that is sitting in warehouses across Melbourne like ticking time bombs.

These massive stockpiles are a fire risk and an environmental risk. 

Labor confirmed that it would rather give $10 million to SKM to improve its business than to assist the innocent victims of SKM to reduce the massive recycling stockpiles left behind by SKM. 

There have already been far too many toxic and dangerous fires at waste storage facilities across Melbourne and as we approach summer the risk of fire at these recycling stockpiles will increase.

Yet again Labor is failing to act to avert a potential disaster.

Daniel Andrews must immediately act to ensure that these massive stockpiles of recycling are dealt with before another catastrophe strikes.

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