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Taxpayers told “get a life”, while Pallas gets a Lexus

Labor Treasurer Tim Pallas has been exposed as a hypocrite, telling taxpayers to “get a life” while taxpayers fund his chauffeur-driven luxury Lexus limo.

Today in Question Time it was revealed that Tim Pallas received an exemption from the normal government purchasing policy so he could enjoy the luxury of a new Lexus IS 350 as his chauffeur-driven ministerial vehicle.

Pallas refused to explain why he had exempted himself from the rules applying to others so that he could access a new Lexus.

This is the same tax-loving Treasurer who only last week dismissively told Victorians worried about his new taxes on a Toyota Land Cruiser to “get a life”.

It says something about the values of this Labor Treasurer that his love of taxes outweighs his sense of shame. 

Some people lead by example, but when you are Tim Pallas it’s a case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

Labor’s arrogance and unaccountability grows by the day.

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