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Arrogant Labor Treasurer tells concerned Victorians to ‘get a life’

If there was any doubt that the Andrews Labor Government is arrogant and out of touch it was put to rest when Tim Pallas declared that anyone concerned about being hit with his new tax when purchasing a family car should ‘get a life.’

This is the same Tim Pallas who 6 months ago promised no new taxes in this budget.  

It says so much about Labor that they think any Victorian who doesn’t like their new taxes deserves to be mocked and insulted.

Despite going to two elections on a promise to not increase or introduce new taxes, the Andrews Labor Government has broken that promise more than 20 times. 

Under Labor, Victoria has become the highest taxing state in Australia. Millions of Victorians are hurt by Labor’s higher taxes and cost of living pressures.

Yet Tim Pallas tells them to ‘get a life’.

Pallas is not only an incompetent Treasurer, his arrogance encapsulates why Labor is a danger to Victoria.

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