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The Victorian Liberal Nationals are referring four departmental secretaries to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) for potential breaches of Section 97C of the Public Administration Act.
The four departmental secretaries referred to IBAC are the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Kym Peake; the Secretary of the Department of Education, Jenny Atta; Secretary of the Department of Treasury & Finance, David Martine; and the Secretary of the Department of Premier & Cabinet, Chris Eccles. 
These four departmental secretaries on behalf of the Andrews Labor Government are responsible for authorising the expenditure of Victorian taxpayers’ money on an advertising campaign designed or intended to influence public sentiment against the current Government of the Commonwealth. 
Under Section 97C (a) (v) of the Public Administration Act a public sector body that publishes or causes to be published a public sector communication must ensure that the public sector communication is not designed or intended to directly or indirectly influence public sentiment for or against the current Government of the Commonwealth. 
The Andrews Labor Government will use weasel words and attempt to argue they are exempt under Section 4 of the Public Administration (Public Sector Communication) Regulations 2018. 
However, no exemption is permitted where the information is presented in a way that is deliberately inaccurate; or is deliberately misleading; or if the public sector communication does not present information as fact if that information is not reasonably able to be substantiated as fact. 
The Victorian Liberal Nationals will not tolerate Labor’s continued politicisation of the Victorian Public Service. There are laws in place to guarantee Victorians that the public service will not act as a campaigning arm of the Labor Party. We expect to see these laws respected – if not by Daniel Andrews then by the heads of departments.
Daniel Andrews is acting as Bill Shorten’s campaign manager; he’s not working as Premier for Victoria.
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