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Liberal Nationals Government will review Victoria’s taxation system to incentivise and encourage the decentralisation of our jobs and our population.

The review will be conducted by a secretariat based in the Department of Treasury & Finance with a panel of business and community experts. The secretariat will also consult with the Population Commission which will be established by a Liberal Nationals Government.

Their task will be to visit and listen to rural and regional communities to understand how the tax system is holding their communities and economy back and provide options that will solve these problems. 

We can’t build our rural and regional economies by wishing it to be so, strategic
tax incentives can play a vital role in decentralising our jobs and our population.  

The Population Commission will also work with the Federal Government on taxation
incentives and other decentralisation policies to assist with jobs growth outside of Melbourne.

Melbourne’s population squeeze is putting enormous stress on housing affordability, roads, public transport, schools, police and hospitals and that negatively impacts
everyone’s quality of life.

With Melbourne’s population now at 5 million people and growing at an average of
around 2,700 a week, it’s going to get worse unless we start taking action now
to decentralise our jobs and our population. 

Daniel Andrews says it’s inevitable that Melbourne’s population will hit 8 million
people in the next three decades. I don’t accept that. I say we need to decentralise our jobs and population throughout Victoria. 

That’s why the Liberal Nationals have developed a comprehensive infrastructure
strategy to unclog Melbourne’s roads and transport plus build a European-style high speed rail network across Victoria.   

If we are going to be serious about decentralising Victoria’s population we need more secure and good paying jobs in the regions supported with more transport, education and health infrastructure. Creating incentives in the taxation system to encourage people to move to the regions and establish small businesses is an important part of that equation.   

Despite going into the last election promising not to increase or introduce any new
taxes, Daniel Andrews has introduced or increased 12 new taxes. As a result tax revenue is up by over 35% making Victoria the highest taxing state in Australia.

Many of these new taxes are inefficient, unfair or have had massive repercussions
like Daniel Andrews’ decision to triple coal royalties which led to the closure of the Hazelwood power station and contributed to a considerable increase in wholesale and retail power prices. 

The decision by the Andrews Labor Government to triple coal royalties, which has
devastated the Latrobe Valley community with countless job losses, is a perfect example of the impact of a bad taxation policy on regional Victoria.   

Under Labor, ‘tax reform’ is code for ‘increasing taxes’.  

Enhancing the attractiveness of doing business in rural and regional Victoria is crucial because when regional Victoria’s economy and population are growing, every
Victorian benefits.

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