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New Financial Year, New Labor Taxes and Charges

As the new financial year starts today, Victorians have woken up to a string of higher taxes and charges to pay for Daniel Andrews’ wasteful spending.

Homebuyers face paying up to $2,234 more in fees when they purchase a home under massive increases to land transfer fees commencing today.

Under the changes, the previous fee cap set at properties valued at $500,000 has tripled to $1.5 million, meaning that purchasers will see transfer fees jump by up to 163 per cent.

These higher fees will see property buyers pay an extra $140 million to the Andrews Labor Government over four years.

Amongst other fee changes from 1 July:

  • The Fire Services Property Levy will increase by $46.1 million; a 7.3% increase;
  • The stamp duty surcharge payable on property purchased by international investors rises from 3% to 7%, flowing on to increased rents paid by Victorian tenants; 
  • General government fees and charges have increased across the board by 2.5%; and
  • 28 day recreational fishing licences jump from $12 to $20.
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