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Petition - Gardiner station car park

To the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

The petition or residents of the Malvern electorate draws to the attention of the house our strong objection to the repositioning of the Gardiner station car park access directly opposite Clarke Street and the adverse impact on residents' quality of life. Up until July 2015 the access point to the car park was at the other end of Carroll Crescent. Now there will only be one exit/entry point for the 220 space car park with two stop signs as the only proposed traffic management. The existing car park had three access points for the same number of spaces. There are many safety ramifications with this access point.

Residents were not consulted or advised of this significant change and the negative effects on us appear to have been ignored. The lack of priority access and inevitable bottleneck will significantly impact residents as it increases accident risk and constrains movements through the only means of vehicle access to our homes. There has been an acknowledged failure by the project team to undertake appropriate community consultation and address residents' needs and potentially an attempt to mislead local residents about the project's effects.

The petitioners therefore request that the Legislative Assembly of Victoria:

1.     reinstate the original plans as at July 2015;

2.     put a hold on the construction of this access point until a satisfactory outcome is achieved which preserves the quality of life of the long-term local residents living in the area who will use the intersection multiple times a day every day;

3.     advise why the car park access changed from the originally published plan without regard for or consultation with impacted residents;

4.     determine why there was a lack of community consultation with residents who will be severely impacted every day.

By Mr M. O'BRIEN (Malvern) (34 signatures).

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