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Constituent Question - Toorak Road Tram Terminus Relocation

My question to the Minister for Roads and Road Safety concerns the relocation of the tram terminus on Toorak Road, Toorak. There is unanimous community opinion that the status quo cannot remain or lives will be lost. The proximity of the terminus to the intersection of Toorak and Glenferrie roads means that passengers exiting the tram dice with death on a daily basis. However, all alternative options for the relocation deserve consideration.

The proposal by Yarra Trams to construct an elevated super-stop 100 metres west along Toorak Road, if implemented, will reduce available through traffic lanes by 50 per cent during the morning and afternoon peaks. The severe grading of the proposed site and its increased distance from Glenferrie Road will make access difficult for physically impaired passengers.

I ask the minister to advise: what consideration has been given to alternative solutions, including moving the terminus to Glenferrie Road or to the east side of Toorak Road across the intersection? The current situation is unacceptable. It needs to be resolved, but my community needs to be satisfied that the best solution will be adopted, not necessarily just the cheapest.

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