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Parliamentary Speech - Save A Dog Scheme

This Saturday, the Save A Dog Scheme (SADS) celebrates its 30th anniversary — 30 years of leadership in animal welfare and caring for animals; 30 years of a pioneering 'no kill' policy that has saved countless thousands of lives. This organisation's mission is as simple as it is profound: to work steadfastly for change from a culture of killing companion animals to a culture of saving them.

Since 1985 SADS has demonstrated that with care and compassion and the hard work of many dedicated volunteers, the lives of thousands of lost and abandoned dogs and cats can be saved. In giving these gentle souls a second chance at life, the people who bring these animals into their homes and into their hearts have their own lives enhanced.

The Save A Dog Scheme was founded by the remarkable Pam Weaver. In 2005 Pam was awarded a Medal of the Order of Australia for her service to the community in the field of animal welfare, particularly through the provision of dog shelter facilities in the city of Stonnington. Pam, supported by her husband Hugh, and each and every volunteer who has turned the Save A Dog Scheme into what it is today, deserves our recognition and our thanks. I am proud to stand in the Parliament of Victoria today and place on the record my thanks to the Save A Dog Scheme for its wonderful work over 30 years, especially in my electorate of Malvern.

In conclusion, I refer to the words of Charles Darwin:

The love of all living creatures is the most noble attribute of man.

So measured, the Save A Dog Scheme is a most noble organisation indeed. I wish it well for its next 30 years.

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