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Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- Despite 11 years of infrastructure neglect, the Brumby government's Melbourne 2030 planning laws continue to shoehorn high-rise, high-density housing developments into established suburbs in my Malvern electorate; and just as ... Read more

No proof $132m plan is working THE state government's $132 million program to tackle problem gambling has been savaged in a new report that found there was little evidence to show the strategy would be effective or had worked. The Auditor-General's... Read more

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- My question is to the Premier. I refer the Premier to the decision of his gambling regulator, applying his laws, to approve a 60-machine gaming venue in Beaconsfield that features 'a children's playroom ... fully enclosed with... Read more

A report by the Auditor-General tabled today has exposed the Brumby Government’s problem gambling strategy as being based on little or no evidence, unable to provide assessment of its outcomes and lacking any targets or key performance indicato... Read more

CHILDREN will be able watch their parents gamble after the regulator gave approval for a pokies venue to build a special play area with a bird's eye view of the action. In what is believed to be a Victorian first, the children's area at a Beacons... Read more

The Brumby Labor Government needs to explain how it will achieve its mooted target for increased solar electricity generation, given its track record of hollow promises. “Victorians understand that we need to manage the transition to a greater... Read more

The Brumby Government has been exposed lying over its commitment that it would obtain assurances its smart meters will meet service specifications before continuing the rollout. In a scathing report on the bungled smart meter project last November,... Read more

Source: Stonnington Leader STONNINGTON Council is looking to raise the bar on level crossing congestion, indicating it will lobby the State Government to end the peak-hour crush. East Ward Cr Greg Hannan has asked council officers to prepare a r... Read more

Source: Stonnington Leader STONNINGTON'S worst level crossing has some competition. Malvern resident Robin Holten says the crossing at Tooronga station near his Parslow St home is as bad if not worse than the Gardiner station level crossing. T... Read more

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