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Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- I grieve for the loss suffered by all Victorians as a result of the Brumby government giving away lucrative 10-year gaming entitlements at fire sale prices. I grieve for the golden opportunity that has been lost to this state ... Read more

Source: Stonnington Leader TRAFFIC is still snarling at Melbourne's fifth-worst ``redspot'', the level crossing at Gardiner train station, Burke Rd, Glen Iris, two years since it was named in a Leader road congestion survey. Despite VicRoads ``f... Read more

Mr O'BRIEN (Malvern) -- I raise a matter for the attention of the Minister for Roads and Ports, and the action I seek is for the minister to stop his shameful neglect of the Malvern electorate when it comes to ensuring that adequate noise walls are i... Read more

FAMILIES may face annual electricity bills of nearly $2000 within two years after a major blow-out in the cost of the smart meter program. The State Government yesterday admitted yet another of its major projects had suffered a big cost overrun. The ... Read more

Source: Stonnington Leader WHAT price a good night's sleep in residences abutting the Monash Freeway? Stonnington has been overlooked for a piece of the $19.3 million pie in the State Budget for noise walls. Neighbours Boroondara have been ass... Read more

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