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Mr M. O'BRIEN — This budget is so flimsy, so lightweight, so devoid of substance that the opposition will deal with it here and now. The Treasurer's budget speech was about as convincing as a Johnny Depp court video but without the substance. ... Read more

This is a tax and spend budget that would even make Wayne Swan blush.    This budget has no economic plan and no jobs plan.  While the New South Wales economy powers ahead with tens of thousands of new full-time jobs and new investmen... Read more

The $10 million a year body set up by Daniel Andrews is ‘Infrastructure Victoria’ in name only. Taxpayers are funding this $10 million a year agency to review just two projects.   Meanwhile Daniel Andrews has failed to put the foll... Read more

News that up to 900 Target jobs are at risk is a huge blow to Geelong.  Under Daniel Andrews more than 1000 jobs have been lost in Geelong and Ford will soon close their doors.  Daniel Andrews once promised to fight for every single job b... Read more

Mr M. O'BRIEN — With the budget coming up shortly it is time for the Andrews Labor government to stop neglecting Malvern schools. Armadale Primary School in particular received significant funding under the coalition go... Read more

Mr M. O'BRIEN — Best wishes for the 2016 season to three of the wonderful junior footy clubs based in my Malvern electorate: the mighty East Malvern Knights, the gallant Glen Iris Gladiators and the brave Prah... Read more

Mr M. O'BRIEN (Malvern) — Congratulations to the St Andrew's Gardiner Cricket Club, which celebrates its centenary at a gala dinner this Saturday evening at the Malvern town hall. At the dinner William Birch, ... Read more

Tim Pallas has today admitted that Daniel Andrews lied when he committed to 100,000 full-time jobs in two years.  Tim Pallas now claims it wasn’t a promise but rather a “stretch target”.   Before the election Daniel And... Read more

Today’s release of data for the Back to Work program confirms it is a complete failure. Daniel Andrews’ flagship jobs program has proven to be the Titanic.   This $100 million program has only supported 5,083 jobs (full-time and ... Read more

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