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Daniel Andrews has increased stamp duty by 40% ($1.74 billion) in just three years yet he keeps preaching to the media how he’s helping homebuyers. This is a  Government and a desperate Premier focussed on spin as it scramb... Read more

Earlier today Daniel Andrews put up a Facebook post and tweet before strangely deleting both. The now deleted posts were of him smugly calling on NSW to “do what it does best” and follow Victoria’s lead on the plastic bag ban.&nb... Read more

Victoria’s jobs crisis is continuing with latest ABS jobs figures showing Victoria leads the nation in unemployment for the second consecutive month. Victoria’s unemployment rate of 6 per cent is the highest of all the states and highe... Read more

Mr M. O'BRIEN — Death is an inevitable part of life. As Shakespeare observed in King John, 'We cannot hold mortality's strong hand'. But for all that, death is the part of life that many fear the most. While its ul... Read more

Today’s report on congestion by the Grattan Institute again demonstrates the enormous cost of Daniel Andrews’ decision to rip up the East West Link. Stuck in traffic? Road congestion in Sydney and Melbourne finds that Melbourne’s... Read more

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